Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

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I signed up for Trupanion when I purchased my Cavalier at 3 mos. I did my research and Trupanion seemed like you got the best coverage for the best rate. Woops! Fortunately, I had no claims during the first year. Trupanion states in all their literature that their rates only go up based on Vet care in your area and breed. Nothing about increases approved by the state insurance commissioner or their profit and loss. After one year my rate went from $34 a month to $66. You can read all the reviews with their spokesperson's responses and it's the same mantra. It appears that they have now changed their policy and increases will be a regular occurrence based on additional criteria they are now implementing. I then began my search for a new company. VPI had a list of exclusions pages and pages long. Forget them. Others have increases as your pet ages, and some were even more than my newly adjusted premium. Reviews of various companies address claims concerns. Some claim denials seemed reasonable, but a good portion seemed unreasonable, i.e. your vet didn't provide as detailed documentation and now the insured is out of luck.
Bottom line, unless you're the unlucky pet owner that spends a great deal of time at the vet, put your high monthly premium in the bank. For me over the course of 14 years, barring any further outrageous increases from Trupanion, I will have banked $11,088, not including that tiny bit of interest you earn at the bank today. In addition, you

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Increase in premium
Claim Amount
Under $100

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/01/2012

Having spent 7 k on a cat before insurance in nine months, due to blockages, it is likely worth it for the best options. Here is a good website of a Veterinarian's analysis of her detailed reviews .