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When my previous dog died a few years, I really thought twice about getting another dog, because the vet bills had been so overwhelming. But after a few months, I missed the warmth of a canine companion, and started reconsidering. When I adopted/rescued Mochi as an adult, I wasn’t sure that he'd be covered, but his vet exam was good, and Pet Plan accepted him. It was the smartest thing I ever did to get their insurance coverage! This March, two and a half years after adopting Mochi, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. When I paid that first bill for the ultrasound and other tests, it was over $2,000. I called Pet Plan in a panic, and they reassured me that it was covered, and the check came within a couple of weeks. Then, as we began chemotherapy, the huge Pet Plan checks began to arrive weekly, covering 70% of the specialist fees. (I've been told that the new coverage is 80% for specialists) This really has enabled me to make the best decisions, to do whatever is necessary to save Mochi’s life, without having to choose lesser options due to financial considerations. In the past 9 months, we’ve used almost all of Pet Plan’s $8,000 in coverage, and luckily our new policy takes effect just in time to begin with a new $8,000.
The phone representatives have been wonderfully supportive, and I’ve been amazed at the comprehensiveness of what has been covered, including a phone consultation with a naturopathic veterinarian to see what else we can do to support Mochi’s immune system as

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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