Cannot get them to stop taking my money!

Out of 10

VPI covers little or nothing. Between the premiums and deductibles it is not worth the monthly fee. They do not return phone calls. I took my golden to the vet for a checkup and scripts for his hartguard, etc. In the exam my vet found my dog's knee was out of place. Then he took X-rays for his knee and hips. Sure enough my dog needs both hips replaced. I did not know any of this prior to the visit; however VPI denied reimbursement, even on the office visit, as his condition is not covered. How was I to know the outcome of the visit? And, then it took VPI months to deny any payment towards this very costly visit. Worthless program. Very predatory as I canceled my account on 7/23/07, and they are still debiting my account. I have not used their insurance since the visit to my vet in May or June of 2007. Consumer beware yet another predatory insurance firm. All members who have been taken by this firm could band together and take out a petition, on the petition site, to have them shut down.

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Posted: 06/27/2008

You know you can contact your bank and ask them to stop allowing them to debit you.

Posted: 06/29/2008

that's what i did also. I put stop payments of that particular vendor (VPI) and the bank bounced them back. also if you cancelled and they keep taking it, fill out a fraudulent transaction form at your bank. they will contact VPI and tell them they are illegally debiting your account.

Posted: 07/06/2008

This has been without a doubt the worst pet insurance company I've ever worked. They've got attitude alright and that is they are right and the customer is wrong. Once they have your debit or credit card number is Very difficult to get them to stop your membership.Thumbs down. Buyer beware.

Posted: 07/07/2008

I changed account numbers to get this to stop. Thanks for your input; however this was not my fault. When I stated, put into writing and more; VPI would not back off. Predatory company. Buyer Beware.

Posted: 11/13/2008

You can go one step further....file a complaint with the consumer division of your State Attorney General can also notify the bank of fraud since you did not receive the goods and the debits will then stop

Posted: 11/20/2008

Hip dysplasia and luxating patellas are excluded on all policies, and that fact is disclosed on the website. The time it took to deny the claim may have been due to a record request to ensure that it was actually hip dysplasia, and luxating patellas. This is done to give the benefit of the doubt to the policyholder. However, the debiting the account should have stopped.

Posted: 12/06/2008

I had to tak my Yorkie to Ohio State Vet Hospital. She was very sick my bill was close to $4000.00. VPI paid a whopping $9.00 because the condition, microvascular dysplasia, a liver disease, is not covered. This insurance covers nothing.

Posted: 01/09/2009

I've never had any problems with them. Recently my dog ruptured a disc in his back and was hospitalized for 9 days at UC Davis. He had and MRI and surgery. Total came out to $5500 and vpi paid $3300 of that. They've paid about half of every claim i've ever submitted.

Posted: 01/25/2009

thanks a bunch all, your experiences (however unfortunate) have helped me make the decision to not pursue the VPI policy for my rottweiler. I was just about to purchase their plan!

Posted: 03/08/2009

I have used this insurance for 14 years and have been happy with them.Sorry to hear some conditions aren't covered and your dog's was one of them :-(
Do other insurance companies cover for the same condition?

Posted: 03/21/2009

I never even got far enough to file a claim. Their accounting system is worse than bad. I've spent hours on the phone with them trying to get a clear picture of what premiums I have paid and what I owe. I'm cancelling my policies--there's no excuse for their unresponsive customer service and their accounting system (which is, I expect, going to get them a class-action suit for fraud sooner or later).

Posted: 03/29/2009

I also took out VPI for my dog when I first got him at 6 months old on the advice of my sister who was using them. My poor little rescue had a lot of issues no one was aware of. Parasites, IBD, bad knees, and allergies just to name a few. I sent all of that info to the company and they issued me a policy. Then my dog's knee (which was malformed) needed to have corrected surgery. I called VPI to make sure that it was covered and was reassured that they should just send the bill. For a surgery that cost over $5000,00 I received a whopping $119.00. They said that his knees are excluded, his allergies are excluded, his IBD is excluded, etc. Every issue that my dog developed seemed to be excluded. I was treated rudely when I called to inquire what was going on. I was told that I should read my policy before I call them! I have quit and now I am searching to see if it is worth my while to get insurance at all.

Posted: 04/05/2009

We have had VPI since our Porty was a pup. VPI is the worst isurance company I ever had to deal with. Our dog had surgery for a cyst on his back and they only paid a small percentage of the bill. A year later he had a fatty tumor that cost us close to $2000.00 for a complicated surgery and VPI only paid about $200 in total! Unbelievable! We went into dispute with them on the bill and it took them 2 months to get back to us to ask for a letter from the Vet. Our Vet immediately sent the letter and then it takes several phone calls and 3 more months of being jerked around to find out they want more paper work! We then sent in everything in his files and after waiting 5 months to clear this up they deny us any more money!!!! $200.00 on a $2,000.00 surgery!!! Disgusting!!! Don't get burned like us and PLEASE LET YOUR VET'S KNOW HOW BADLY THEY ABUSE THE CUSTOMER. THEY NEED TO KNOW!!!

Posted: 05/15/2009

It's wild to see someone claim "they cover little or nothing" after one experience. That's really the voice of experience talking!
I've had three dogs on VPI, one for 11 years, another for 9 years and one for 3 years. Superior plan, cancer rider and wellness coverage. They've paid out just like their explanation of benefits says. Few surprises.

My biggest gripe is that they changed their "routine care coverage" into "wellness coverage." Granted, they didn't change it on any of my dogs that got it originally, but my newest dog can't get the same old good "routine care" like my other two have had.

21 years of coverage, two major health catastrophes, literally hundreds of vet visits (my 9 year old pointer is in the vet every 26 days for steroid shots) and I can't say VPI ever treated me bad or denied something they should have paid.

There's some experience for you to weigh.

Posted: 07/24/2009

They are slow- very slow and they play games with you. I have a 4 month old kitten that went to the vet as he was throwing up and salvatiting and could not walk. Once I submitted the claim to insurance they denied it as they stated they needed previous medical records. The kitten is 4 months old. I only had him at that point for 3 weeks. He had never been to the vet before. They demanded that I go get a wellness check up on him so that I could have more medical records. I did that and Guess what- THey still denied my original claim and the claim for the check up that was mandatory for me to get. This is a rip off! I cancelled the policy send in a letter to the better business bureau and am prusing this in small claims court. I read that policy and the restrictions cover to cover and the vet found nothing wrong with my cat except heat stroke.
Per the policy this is a covered expense. Beware. Go with someone else.

Posted: 04/05/2010

I've been using VPI for 2.5 years and have never had a problem. I pay my $35/month and have submitted about 15 claims for just regular checkups or shots and have received decent money. My dog just had a $1600 stomach surgery and they reimbursed $1300! It's fantastic!

Posted: 04/26/2010

My story is similar to others. I have 2 golden retrievers, one aged 10 yrs. old and the other 5 yrs. old.I have had VIP for both dogs for the entire lives. The premiums for both dogs add up to $1100 a year for total coverage. This past year the 5 year old developed a reproductive tract bacterial infection requiring emergency surgery. Just the thing you buy insurance for right? In addition VIP advertized 100% coverage for a dental exam and cleaning which I took advantage of. I submitted claims for coverage totaling more than $7000.00 within the 6 month reporting time limit. VIP returned me a check for $1100.00 which is the cost of the premium for both dogs. Now I realize I could have argued with them about what was covered and what was not but if I have to do that they're just not worth the money and I'll take my business elsewhere.

Posted: 04/27/2010

My experience with VPI was horrible. And quite frankly I am ready to take the complaint up to my state inurance com. Because there practice is deceptive to say the least, and close to being a complete fraud.
First off, I will say this, you should never use your Pet Insurance Policy as a way to pay for their Yearly shots, flee meds, vaccinations, etc. These types of expenses are going to happen. If they are covered by your insurance policy, you can bet that this cost will be included in the premium plus profit. So unless by having the insurance policy you can get these things discounted, you are paying a profit to the Vet and to the insurance company. The insurance company is out to make money which is understandable.
If you have a pure bred dog, don’t go with VPI. The most likely scenario (IE Big ticket Vet bills) will be excluded. So any pure bred dog owners, I highly advise you to go with someone else. Unless you are in the medical profession, it would be very difficult to understand the exclusions and the chances your dog will have. For example, I have Golden Retrievers. They are more susceptible to Ear Infections then other breeds, so VPI will exclude this on me. So any breed that even has a slight propensity over other dogs for a problem condition is most likely excluded by VPI.
It is not the exclusions that I am complaining about.
VPI uses a “Customary and Reasonable Reimbursement chart” that will sucker you in. In actuality there is nothing customary or reasonable about the Reimbursement rate VPI uses. VPI will lure you in with telling you that you have $X,xxx amount of coverage, but the reality is that the Reimbursement chart is going to be just a small % of the true vet bill.
I can use me as an example. I signed up for VPI for my 2 Golden Retrievers. I was paying close to $800 a year for both dogs. I was given $9,500 in coverage. But the reality I learned later, with the Customary and Reasonable Reimbursement VPI uses, I did not realistically have $9,500 in coverage. And since the Reimbursement rates were so low, the reality was VPI would only cover between 15% and 50% of the true cost of any procedure my dogs might need. And the more expensive the procedure, which is why you have insurance, the VPI reimbursement rates get closer to the 15%.
I was lucky, I found out the VPI’s scam the hard way, but for a very minor issue. One of my dogs started limping badly even when chasing his beloved Tennis Ball. So I took him into the vet. They diagnosed it as a strain or partial tear of the Ligament (Called Soft Tissue Damage). So my vet charged:

$58 Exam, $50 meds (3 weeks supply of Anti-inflammatory & Pain Pills) + some taxes. This I thought was completely reasonable. So minus my deductible I expected to be reimbursed $40 to $50. VPI took there time on the claim, but I eventually got back the check for $6.70.
I figured it must be a clerical error, but for what I thought at most would be $50 more, I almost did not call in to complain. Figured it was not worth my time for $40 or $50. Thank god I did. VPI then informed me that for Soft Tissue injury, the reasonable reimbursement for this injury was $58. I argued this was absurd since any Licensed Vet is going to charge between $50 and $60 just for an exam. Any treatment (IE the Meds, potential X-Rays which I did not have, etc) are above this. I have since sent this exact same issue to the 9 closest vet office to my home (I use my vet, while not the cheapest, nor most expansive, they have an excellent practice), and they are all very similar price range. Basically the exams were all between $50 and $60. So any meds would already be above what VPI Reimbursement chart considers reasonable. If VPI chart is customary and reasonable, how come I can’t find a single vet that has anything with in 40%???
It was a good thing I did catch this. Because I then checked out this chart more closely, and it was obvious I did not have $9,500 in coverage. VPI would never reimburse anything more the $1200. And trust me, the only things that were listed for $1,200 would require a specialist for surgery. And trust me, this $1,200 would only be a start.
Hypothetically, if my dog was suffering from both a Heart and Kidney issue (Assuming it is not excluded), gets hit by a car, and before I can bring him to the vet he gets bit by a Rattle Snake, under my VPI Policy, I still would not be reimbursed the $9,500 (trust me, this is no logical, but if it did happen my vet bills would be $25,000 and VPI would reimburse me less then $4,000 even though I was suppose to have $9,500 in coverage). Because VPI uses the Customary and Reasonable chart of theirs to disguise the true coverage you have.
When you sign up, they have to approve you. So there is in the fine print about the Customary and Reasonable Rate. However, you won’t be able to see these until after VPI has approved your pet. Which of course, you have already made payment arrangements.

Posted: 04/29/2010

Read your contract. We have the standard plan and cancer rider and for less than $300 this past year we received over $2,000 in payments. No insurance pays everything and certain things are exempt. Read your contract.

Posted: 08/24/2009

"Then he took X-rays for his knee and hips. Sure enough my dog needs both hips replaced. I did not know any of this prior to the visit; however VPI denied reimbursement, even on the office visit, as his condition is not covered. How was I to know the outcome of the visit? And, then it took VPI months to deny any payment towards this very costly visit. Worthless program."
umm, what? if its not covered who would expect them to pay? duh

Posted: 09/30/2009

Thanks this was a eye opener I have AKC on my one dog and it's been great I will stick with it for our new puppy.

Posted: 10/02/2009

I started with VPI 6 years ago because there weren't a lot of companies around then and I didn't understand the way pet insurance worked--very different than human medical insurance. Unfortunately now I can't switch so I am locked in. Now everything in the past 6 years would be a pre-existing condition! So not fair. Also many congenital breed specific problems aren't covered and you need to be a lawyer to understand all the underwriting. Not paying for my dog's special prescription diet or certain meds for anxiety for example, are not covered. The whole thing with deductibles is ridiculous but I can't switch. I am paying a lot of money but too afraid to change or cancel it all together in case something were to happen and we'd be without insurance. I don't think they realize that with inflation, even the most reasonable vets, the amount of money they reimburse is too low.

Posted: 03/12/2010

I am surprised by all the negative comments. I have been very pleased with VPI for our dog. We have had our policy for two years. Thus far, our precious pooch has had nothing major - but, just from yearly exams, medications and other misc. vet. costs, I have gotten back around half of our annual premium. It is WORTH the relatively small amt. we pay each year to have the insurance that if something major DOES happen - we will recoup our investment. It is the policy holder's responsibility to look at what's covered and what isn't. I have found VPI to be very responsive. Phone calls are answered promptly, questions clarified and claims processed within a reasonable period of time. I have, and will continue to, recommend VPI to friends.

Posted: 03/15/2010

I find it quite annoying to see people defend a company that has very poor customer service quality, is clearly not up-to-date, and seems to have absolutely ZERO remorse for the pets they insure or the owners who have to deal with this company. This is NOT the first place I have seen negative comments about this pet insurance company. Try reading the posts at
These are our babies, part of our family ... not political policies!

Posted: 03/17/2010

Just want to add I had a very similar experience. I would give them less than 1 for their rating. We have switched to Trupanion.

Posted: 03/28/2010

We have this insurance and it's been great for us. I like that if i forget to submit a claim, there's not time limit.
They have paid exactly what my contract with them says they will pay, no more or no less.

I'm not sure why there are so many people having problems with them when I haven't had any. I'm certain that their customer service is probably bad. I know when I've called to ask questions it's hard to get in touch with someone live and then when you do, they're fake and friendly, but not too well educated about their own company.

But that hasn't stopped them from paying me. And you know what? Every company is like that these days. It's had to find ones that aren't.

The bottom line here is that I suspect some people aren't reading the fine print or realizing that this is how insurance companies work. If you have anything at all out of the ordinary, you can expect friction and a resistance to pay.

It also states clearly (at least on my policy) that emergency or certain type so procedures DO have a cap.

I'm not making excused for the customer service, but people....hold up your end of the bargain and make sure you have realistic expectations in terms of getting reimbursed for stuff and that you know what is covered and what exceptions there are.

If you don't like it, then take your $40 dollars a month and put it into a CD for your dog's healthcare. It might end up being a heck of a lot easier and more effective!

Posted: 02/08/2010

I enrolled in VPI when my dog was a puppy at 8 weeks old. I also bought the Cancer Rider at the time. Well 8 years later my dog had a cancerous tumor removed. The good news is she is fine. The bad news is after a $2400 procedure, VPI only paid $281!! What a joke!

Posted: 02/11/2010

Wow Karen. Obviously no one is able to have a positive experience with a company unless everyone does, right? I would completely agree with the need for a reality check here. Let's look at insurance. We pay about $2500 a year to insure our home and cars, do you think I ever see that money come back to me unless I loose what I was insuring? Why do you expect more from these companies (and I'm talking all pet insurance, not just this one)? The run on the same principal. The difference is you actually still have to pay money out of your pocket when you take your pet to the vet but not when you take your car to the shop. Oh, but there's that deductible that everyone thinks is such a rip off. It's the same thing! I'm astounded by the overt negativity and the new pet owners that listen to it. Read some articles, this company was founded by, employees and is referred by more veterinary professionals than any other. Do you think these folks are out to provide poor service for your pets? Yes, horrible things happen to our pets and it is terrible when we are faced with them. Yes, some of these conditions are not covered but that's why you do your research. The policy, the website - they are all very clear about those conditions.Anyway, think about this when you read posting sites. People don't go to these sites to praise a company or celebrate an experience, they come here to vent and find others to share their pain. This is not a realistic sampling of the majority of those insured with the company, I'm sure.

Posted: 10/06/2009

They were good 4 or 5 years ago. My dog needed a surgery that costed $ 7000, they paid about $ 3500. Recently years, I think they are getting worst. My dog had a radiation for cancer treatment, the cost is $ 5000, they only paid $ 466. Just recently, my dog is diagnosed with Diabetes. The emergency vet cost $ 1800, they only paid $ 400+, the specialist charged $ 2800, they only paid $ 600+. I am furious. I talked to a vet, he was surprised they only paid that less since he said not very common that dogs has diabetes compare to other illness.
Anybody knows where we can file a complaint?


Posted: 10/13/2009

I dropped VPI like a hot potato when my insurance premium for my 11 year old cat was raised a hundred dollars over the previous year. WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A CLAIM FOR THE PAST YEAR! When I contacted VPI as to why it went up so much, they said they raise every policy "minimally" annually. WHAT?! That's minimal? (Of course, this is hidden to the policy holder and if you search their site, there is no clear schedule of increases.) I firmly believe they base it on the amount of claims you've ever had. We had very few, if any.And like most complaints on this site. VPI paid peanuts for claims. Worthless company. Just say no and save money in a separate account like I do for my pets health care.

Posted: 10/14/2009

I had to cancel my credit card so that VPI would stop charging me. I've filed complaints with the State Attorneys General Office about these people. They are awful.

Posted: 10/20/2009

I am really dismayed by them right now. I thought I had great coverage through them because I had an additional cancer rider to my policy. Guess what - my poor cat got cancer and when I looked at the fee schedule for what they pay back, it is almost nothing compared to what the actual costs are.

Posted: 11/04/2009

I would cancel all credit/debit cards and or call your financial institution and tell them to issue you a new card with a new #

Posted: 11/11/2009

My 2 year old Lab swallowed a lobsterman's glove -- that's right, the up-to-the-elbow rubber glove worn by lobstermen in Maine. Fingers came up naturally but after a week, she still didn't pass the bulk of it and kept dry heaving once per day. The vet x-rayed her and found it still to be in her stomach...a good sign. Had to go to an emergency pet surgical center to have it removed. X-rays and visit cost $300, VPI covered about $80. Here's where they really burned me... My options were: 1)surgery which would involve cutting open her stomach, enduring stitched and/or staples, both interior and exterior. Plus no activity for two weeks or more, or she could bust a stitch and cause internal bleeding. Very invasive. OR, 2) use a scope and camera with claw to retrieve glove through esophogus. Simply sedate dog to do this. Not very invasive and she could go home next day and lead a normal, whacky Lab life.
EITHER bills for surgery or scope would be $1000. VPI said they'd pay $900 for surgery, $120 for scope. WTF???
I went for scope, knowing that I wasn't putting my dog in harm's way. But I got burned financially for avoiding future medical problems!

Posted: 11/13/2009

Two years ago my 8 year old mixed breed (german shepard type) dog became suddenly ill with spetic shock and cost me $26,000. I did not have insurance then. I am looking for insurance now, and VCI was recommended by the pet hosptial I took my dog to during his illness. After looking at the reimbursment examples, I am quite sure this insurance would cover less than 20% of my costs if my dog experienced another "close call". This may have something to do with the fact that I live in Carlsbad (San Diego), CA were vet expenses are very high compared to other locations. Thanks to all for your comments, I am going to keep looking.

Posted: 11/15/2009

I have read all the above comments and agree with all but the 2-3 good reviews. I have filed a complaint against VPI with The Department of Insurance. If enough people do this, VPI will have huge fines levied against them and will eventually be shut down. I am also considering a class action lawsuit against them. If anyone is interested, please respond to me at this site. At the very least, I will report them to the BBB and take them to small claims court. We all need to report this company to stop them from defrauding other's.

Posted: 11/30/2009

Yes - I would be a part of the class action lawsuit!! They have lied about what is covered and have never paid one claim.

Posted: 12/16/2009

i forgot ontop of them not paying anything at all, I canceled the policy shortly after and they still charge me. I also cannot get them to stop charging me. I would most definitely like to be involved in a class action suit. we have over 7k in surgeries we paid for. plus years of shots and vet visits.

Posted: 12/18/2009

You have to understand something, VPI is a big insurance company, closely monitored by the Department of Insurance, they have new, updated, better plans coming out. They are not out to get people; I think most of you are not reading the benefits schedule closely, MOST insurace companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, or breed specific exclusions. It is just like car insurance, if something is considered high is harder to get insruance. Other insurance companies that offer hereditary coverage would be a one time incident, and not continued care for is a little word of advice, read your benefits schedule, it clearly outlines what is covered and what is not...I have had VPI a long time, and I have researched other companies and they are not as good, VPI was FOUNDED by veterinarians..... As far as your debit situation NEED to cancel in writing, by law insurance comapnies cannot do it over the phone! I mean seriously people insurance cannot cover every little thing, and NONE of them cover pre-existing conditions.

Posted: 12/21/2009

I've had VPI "coverage" for many years with my little dog. He's just a dog, a heinz 57 mix kind. VPI is apalling! Just in the past 5 months I have exhausted my resources trying to make my dog well. They not only hold up your claims and send snotty letters that are supports to make you feel like greatful for whatever they decide to pay. They also have the strangest reembusement rates. I am actually in the process of receiving a check from them for $0.01. I'm not kidding! There is also a check for $0.10 and $0.14 on the way! I have spent close to $5500 and will only be recouping $1200 total. I also have an 18+ year old cat how is insured by a different company. She recently became ill as well, because when it rains it pours, and out of $1300 they sent my refunds of $1050. Not bad considering her insurance is $15 a month and the dogs is close to $60. I originally signed up for pet insurance for piece of mind, but it just isn't the right what they do. I suggest insuring your pets anywhere but VPI. I think it's a better idea to put some money aside rather than assume that an insurance company will cover the huge cost of vet care.

Posted: 12/28/2009

I paid for the first two months upfront for my new puppy, every single claim I tried to file with this pet insurance was refused because they said everything was a preexisting condition. I canceled my policy with them after a month, what's the sense of paying that kind of money for something useless? I'm still waiting for my money back, which I was supposed to get. Don't waste your money buying insurance with this company, your better off paying for your pets vet bills yourself, if you get this insurance, you will be giving them your money for nothing in return.

Posted: 12/28/2009

So, is anybody have any idea of a better company out there? I just got a new puppy and i am looking for an insurance company i can relY on and trust.

Posted: 01/07/2010

I am surprised to read all these negative comments. My dog ate rat posion last Christmas and had to be rushed to an emergency hospital. Other than the deductibe ($50 - which is cheaper than most), they paid their entire percentage. Then, this December my dog was attacked by a neighbor's dog and had to have 3 teeth pulled and one cut out. Again, VPI paid their entire percentage minus the deductible. No calls to me or questions and I received both checks within 2 weeks of submitting claim. I think VPI is excellent pet insurance.

Posted: 01/07/2010

WOOOOOOOW!!!!! I have to say thanks to all of you. I recently purchased my daughter a puppy and was looking for some good insurance for him. After reading your reviews, I'm going to keep looking. Thanks again all!!!!

Posted: 01/11/2010

I have had VPI for 10 years for my 2 dogs. Our Rott had bone cancer and needed amputation. She had a cancer rider that cost me $9 a year. VPI paid $2000 of the $2500 bill. You need to know what is covered and READ your policy and notifications. If things are not covered as pre-existing conditions the written policy WILL SAY SO. Just like human insurance, it doesn't pay for everything and it doesn't pay 100% of the bills. I have looked at many companies over the years and none of them are better. I have had no problem with customer service. During the cancer I talked to them countless times and never got false info. I think your expectations are a bit too high. You can't pay $300 in premiums and expect them to pay $5000 in benefits. A little reality please. The companies that pay more in reimbursements charge a lot higher premiums. You can't have it both ways.

Posted: 01/24/2010

Anyone that has something good to say about this company. Has either never had something really bad happen to theIr pet or they work for the company!!

Posted: 04/02/2010

My same experience!!! Renee, I felt the same way as you, they were a good company...until I actually needed them!! First real claim and they were rude and unhelpful, worst experience ever!
I feel like maybe we need to get a pet health insurance bill through congress to control these companies!

Posted: 06/01/2011

I agree they are worst experience of my life. they actually cancelled my dogs policy after he had one seizure claiming it was a pre-existing condition. They will make up absolutely anything to steal your money. It is almost comical. Warn your friends and vets stay away

Posted: 01/21/2012

I want to pursue a class action lawsuit against them.

Posted: 03/22/2013

I have been with VPI for over 13 years. My first dog had bone cancer and the treatments were well over 10K - I did receive over 5 K from VPI - Never once did they question or ask any additional questions about my claims. For those of you who are contemplating pet insurance, this is an excellent company and I stand by them. Not everyone has a bad experience, don't let bad apples ruin the bunch.