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I have carried VPI insurance on my cats for 16 years and have been very satisfied. So much so that I recommend pet insurance to everyone I know! This is a "major medical" insurance plan and, as such, really pays off when your pet is either older or needs a high cost procedure. It pays and pays promptly for these situations. I recommend starting the insurance when the cat is very young as you won't know what health issues they may encounter. As the pet ages you'll notice a higher need for the insurance as their health needs naturally increase. My cat family has grown from 2 to 6 in the last 1 1/2 years ranging in age from 5 1/2 months to 17 years! When we've added members to our family, I've immediately called VPI to add them to our insurance. I've never been dissatisfied and they are always willing to answer any questions I have or to re-evaluate a claim. As I tell my friends...you insure your car, your house and yourself...why would you NOT insure your pets?

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