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When we were awaiting a new puppy in 2008, we again began researching pet insurance. We have a pack and insurance coverage with 3 other companies too so we've been through the claim process before. All of the companies have paid exactly according to their terms. But what I really like about the Embrace insurance policy is that it allowed us to customize coverage and opt for continuing care... something to seriously consider if you want ongoing treatment to be considered. It's the first time I'd seen this offered on a policy. Claim form submission is easier than with some companies... the policyholder section of the form is very easy to complete and I like having the option to fax the bills and claim form to Embrace. We recently received a check from Embrace for $545.05 for allergy testing on our boy... there's no doubt that this policy pays. I'm a big believer in pet insurance... buy it when your pet is young before any conditions might prevent him/her from obtaining coverage later on. If you aren't sure you can afford the annual premium, consider how you'll pay for unexpected chronic or serious medical conditions that might cost thousands...

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