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I have been a customer of VPI for approx 13 years and have been covering 5 Great Danes for many years now. I am seeing a decline in the amount paid on my claims, premiums are going up with age and claims are paid at only about 40% of the total claim sent in. Vet costs are very high and with a large breed dog you can never get out of the vet for under $100.00 for almost anything, less the $50.00 deductable , then they will only cover a certain amount anyway, so you get hardly nothing back. I am researching other insurance companies for my dogs. I have dogs ranging in age from 2 years to 10 years. I have been reading VPI's website about the new policies coming and have even called with some questions, which were very incomplete answers as I was told everyone has not been trained on all the information yet. It looks as if older dogs will not be covered, what about my 10 year old who has been with VPI all his life? Is he not covered anymore. What about hereditary and genetic things with Great Danes, cant seem to find any specifics to give me answers on what is and is not covered with Great Danes. I have recommended many people over the years to VPI and now I find myself also with many unanswered questions wondering if I need to switch companies. I was never unhappy with VPI but did question my last claim on one of my dogs as they denied coverage on part of the claim for giardia test something she did not even have but was tested for due to severe bloody diarrhea. I have been paid for giardia testing and treatment on another dog in the past, same coverage, so what has changed.?? I am just finding the cost of vet care so expensive now and not receiving more than 40% back on the claims made me start doing some research which I would never have done in the past. Example: What ever your primary diagnosis is, that is what your $50. deductable will come off, so you are actually not getting paid for the full amount allowed on the schedule of benefits for that diagnosis.It is just sad in this ecomony when there are so many things to worry about, that we have to worry about our pets being able to get the care they need if we dont have the money and the insurance is cutting so many things out of the coverage schedules. It sure would be nice if exsiting customers were made aware of all these changes before they take effect so you can make a decision.

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