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I have paid a monthly fee for insurance for my dog for over a year now. The first claim was paid however it took 3 months to receive the payemnt. They say that they mailed the check, then it never arrives. It takes them another 20 business days to make another check and then it never arrives. They say they are mailing from Canada and there is no way to track it and it takes longer to arrive. Finally after 3 months my claim was paid. I continued paying monthly fees for 12 months. Now, I submitted my second claim and they said they don't have any medical records for my dog. They don't have a history of the first claim or any of the paperwork I submitted. They waited 20 days to tell me this, now requested all new information and then I have to wait another 20 days while they review it. I think it is a scamn. They just hope nobody has the patience to deal with their horrible customer service and that they won't have to pay the claim. As soon as this claim is paid, I am cancelling my insurance. They are the worst company I have ever had to work with.

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Posted: 01/30/2010

You should try Pet Plan USA. That's the insurance I have for my cat and when I submitted a claim a few months ago, it took a grand total of 9 days for me to have a check in my hands. And the check was for the full amount of the vet bill, minus my $200 deductible. Pet Plan also covers congenital/hereditary conditions (unlike some other insurance plans) and there's no lifetime maximum amount on their benefits.