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The first time i used VPI was when my cat got sick with was later guessed to be FIP. I submitted $7000.00 worth of bills and VPI paid $4,200.00. I was shocked and so happy. It seems the bigger the problem, the more they pay. If you have an older dog, however, be aware that if you sign it up at the age of 10 or older, you cannot get routine care coverage and/or the cancer coverage. So here i am paying $67 a month for my 11 yr old dog, but they dont pay for the regular things. So in this case, it will only pay off if something catastophic happens. So its worth it to me. Bottom line, pet insurance is good if you are the type of owner who will go above and beyond to save your pets life. Im glad i have them......They also covered $590 of the $706 that i payed for one of my dogs knee surgery.

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