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We just found out that our 5 yr old cocker Spaniel"SPARKY" has lymphoma cancer..We were devastated..We lost a cocker to cancer 4 years ago when he was 10..there was nothing we could do for it was too far advanced..We did have alot of medical problems over the years with him and never thought of pet insurance..When we rescued Sparky he just turned 1 and I told my wife that I want insurance because I could not live with myself if I had to make a decision to choose between helping or not with money issues.I took out VPI insurance with a double cancer rider "JUST IN CASE" and I am glad I did.We just moved to Az from NJ and this made our stress level bearable..He started Chemo and is doing well and I am so happy that I can live with the fact that "I" can do something for Sparky..The recent bills have been paid very timely and costing me hardly anything..I feel blessed that Sparky is getting the best treatment here in AZ as there are not to many Cancer clinics in the US.VPI has taken the pressure off me and alows us to love our Sparky as he continues with a great quality of Life only possible because i took out VPI's insurance. I will always have insurance on my pets after seeing my previous Cocker spaniel suffer..I can't stop the inevitable but I am Happy something can is being done and I can rest my head at night knowing I did all I could for him with his short time here on earth..I recomend that if you love your pets get insurance because you never know..And believe me when I tell you it will be the best money you ever spend because the love your pet gives you is priceless

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