Outstanding! Saved my dog's life!

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I have been with VPI for several years and have found that the annual coverage in and of itself is worth the monthly investment, regardless of whether or not you ever need specialized coverage. My collie, Laddie, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in September of 2008, and I credit VPI with saving his life! Laddie's coverage of his Lymphoma treatments, exams, blood work, tests, etc. has been outstanding! Laddie has the Superior Plan with the Cancer Rider -- you should definitely add the Cancer Rider to your plan as the annual cost is minimal, it doubles your coverage, and I have found that the coverage provided for a cancer diagnosis is outstanding! VPI literally pays 90% of the cost of his cancer treatments and my baby (my collie) is still with me today because of VPI! If you love your puppy as much as I do, get VPI as soon as possible! I hope your pet never has a catastrophic diagnosis, but if he/she does, it is comforting to know that you will be able to treat your baby! At a minimum, VPI covers typical annual expenses that would cost you no matter what - it is great to have that coverage in and of itself! If your pet is ever diagnosed with cancer or any other life-threatening illness, VPI is there to help you, encourage you, support you, and comfort you in every way possible. I have only had positive experiences with their customer service department and I highly recommend VPI for you and your family, including the furry kids!! Perhaps the most fun aspect of VPI is that they will send your furry baby birthday cards!! Laddie always loves his birthday cards from VPI, and yes, we open them at his birthday party!! With much gratitude, Dr. Rhonda Kay McPherson

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