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I opted not to get coverage for routine care, and to get the lower level of coverage for other things. With that lower level of coverage it's usually about 1/2 of what my cost is, but with the big expenses it really helps, and it's more affordable on a monthly basis than the higher coverage. I've been with VPI for 8 or 9 years I think. Some of the early claims I submitted were very frustrating, but I think VPI is much easier to work with now, and I've had no problems getting reimbursement for claims the past few years. Part of that is that I'm getting smarter about knowing what to include on a claim form. Communication with VPI about claims has improved, and so has timeliness of reimbursement. Like with most insurance, over the years I've paid in a lot more than I got out. Others argue that it would be better to put that monthly amount in a savings account for vet care, but when I run up thousands of dollars in a week for a serious problem it's great having the insurance.

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various, no particular claim at issue
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

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Over 8 years

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