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We took out insurance when Klondike was a puppy and we are so thankful. Being a large breed dog, Great Pyrennes, we wanted to make sure we would be able to handle any illness in his life time. At age 2 he started having seizures and we submitted claims for vet visits and prescription medication and VPI has been good. Now at age 8½, he had to have back surgery for a disc problem. He was seen by a neuologist, had CT and then surgery. If it was not for VPI, I don't know how we would have paid for it. We submitted over $6,000 in claims. They paid about 55% of the bills, sure we hoped for more, but thankful for what they paid and how quick we received our checks. We have been informed now that he might need surgery for a torn CCL. I know that I can depend on VPI to be there when that time comes. Some advise, when you submit a claim, especially for surgery, you need to include as much detail about the surgery as possible. The vet might note something that will help you get additional monies that other wise would not be given if you only make a general note of the procedure. Have your vet provide you with surgery notes and send them in with your claim. Since surgery Klondike is a much happier and lively dog. We are so thankful to VPI for helping us keep our best friend for a few more years.

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Dual Laminectomy
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Great Pyrenees

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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