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I just received an awesome news today. I filed a pre-certification for a root canal on my Italian Greyhound. He chipped his back molar and the live pulp was exposed...I needed the help quickly. This precertification was not supposed to be straightforward since they usually don't cover root canal except for canine teeth. However, one of the representative on the phone told me to at least try to file for it with the dentist's letter for justification. To be honest, I didn't have much expectation. I thought they'll just go by the books like any other insurance companies. Boy, I was wrong!! All representatives I talked to were so sympathetic for my Lucious and extremely helpful. They have expedited the decision process when I mentioned that the infection can spread further if we wait too long. Reimbursement is always fast too. I just love this company and the caring people who work for Embrace. They are sincere, polite, and extremely helpful. I feel safe with Embrace. I definitely recommend them to anybody! I gave 9 only because when I call to talk to a specific person I tend to get somebody else because the person is unavailable. I just have to explain the situation again, but it doesn't matter much since everyone overthere is so nice!

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dental problem
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Over $1000

Italian Greyhound

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1 - 8

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