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Go elsewhwere!I took my dog in to the vet in November, they paid the $43 claim in February. They claimed to not have all of the paperwork, the vet and I both re-faxed everything at least three times. Initially they denied my claim and said that they did not have all the paperwork, then they didn't call me back for 3 weeks. I was finally able to establish that they had all of the paperwork and then was told that my claim was denied due to plaque on his teeth, he had a growth on his cheeck that was viral and fell off, it was not plaque, nor was it near his teeth. They could not explain where they got this information from. I finally got a Supervisor involved and they admitted that they made a mistake and sent the cheque within 2 weeks but then 2 weeks later I received a list of exclusions. If you want to fight for what you are entitled to, be ignored and wait for months then consider them,I plan to go elsewhwere.

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