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I have had Banfield pet insurance on both of my dogs for four years. The insurance has saved me a large amount of money when I have to take my dogs to the vet. My dogs are rat terrier/chihuahua breed and can be known to have several chronic health issues. My oldest dog has an allergy to one of the vaccinations therefore he has to be dropped off in the morning and remain at the facility for the day. He gets an iv catheter so if he has an allergic reaction to anything the doctor can intervene quickly. I have had to rush my oldest dog to the vet several times for an allergic reaction and the vets have had to administer medications to the dog. There was even one vet that held my oldest dog for 30 minutes after administering the medication for the allergy reaction. The facility was just about to close and the vet stayed extra just for my dog. I was called the next day first thing in the morning to see how the dog was after all that he had went through. But administering the meds and watching the dog during this time cost money but because I have the pet insurance it did not cost me anything. The other good point about having the insurance is that the hospital keeps up with the necessary times that the animals need their shots or a procedure completed. I am not hesitant to take them because I do not have to worry about paying any money for the visit. This is very convenient for me and excellent for my animals. I love the insurance and I have never had any problems with it personally.

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