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We insured our dog after she had an accident to her left eye which had cost us a hefty $4000.00 plus. We knew this was an existing condition, but were concerned with any further health problems of any kind. Our Document of Insurance had the Injury to Eye as a TEMPORARY exclusion, so I called the Company and was informed that after a period of time the eye would again be covered. So I kept the policy going and each time it was re-issued with the same clause...Temporary exclusion. This year (9 years later) she has developed glaucoma in that eye and it has to be removed ($1300) we submitted a proposal from the vet and were turned down and our policy was underwritten the same day to totally exclude the eye, based on an existing condition.After 9 years of payments and only two claims against the policy in all that time...they decided on that day to permanently exclude the eye....how convenient!!
Our vet is disgusted with them and has told us that she never recommends PetCare any more...as they have a bad reputation for paying out. We are not in a financial position to cover the cost of the operation, so our dog is unable to get relief from the pressure in her eye and is in discomfort. We are still fighting with the company over their decision.

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Posted: 02/02/2010

That is pretty much exatly what happened with my car and his bladder/UTI problems. Have you had any luck with getting them to pay the money they owe you? I have reported them to the attorney general/the insurance boared and the better business bureau. The better business bureau has been closed with no result but still waiting to hear on the other two.