Excellent care for 17 1/4 years

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I have had Pet Plan / Pet Secure for 171/4 years. I had two Bichon's until March / 09 and now I have one. I have always had the best plan for my dogs and even when I only had 50 % coverage because of multiple issues they always paid my claims promptly and allowed me to provide the very best care for my dogs. My dogs have and had many many issues. Rufus (17 1/4 ) has kidney failure, Cushings disease, recurring anal gland infections, a heart murmer, allergies requiring allergy shots biweekly since age two and he had a near death experience when he was 12 when his larynx collapsed at the groomers. Along with 3 crutiate ligament surgeries , a laser eye treatment, dentistry from a veterinary denttist and countless other medical issues Pet Secure Insurance has paid a large part in maintaining Rufus's (relative) good health. He does not look ill and he is maintaining his weight and is still going strong.We had Toni for almost 13 years. She had bladder stones, crutiate ligament surgery, heart disease and many surgeries to remove benign lumps. Again my experience with Pet Sercure has been amazing and I heartily recommend it to any caring and responsible pet owner. I never wanted to second guess what vber my vet told me the dogs needed. I never wondered about the cost of a procedure.
My claims were processed quickly and I never had a problem. Both dogs eventually were at the 50 % coverage rate but 50 % of their very large bills was still a great help. Kudos to Pet Secure for providing excellent pet insurance.

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