VPI only reimburses a small portion!

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Hi ~ I have a very healthy 6 yr old Chihuahua/Min Pin mix currently insured through VPI. In September I rushed her to an after hours emergency hospital for severe distress due to an esophageal foreign body. The total bill for treatment (endoscopy, no surgery) was $1,600.00. VPI reimbursed me a paltry $480.00. I was shocked to say the least. Let's see, if I subtract my VPI Superior Plan Premium at $349.00 from the reimbursement....I came out with $131.00 toward my $1,600.00 vet bill. Worth it? Heck no! I have pet insurance to cover emergencies only, not routine care. First time I ever had to use it, very dissapointed and will not be renewing with VPI, premium not worth the paper it is written on!

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