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I have been a veterinarian for 21 years. Every veterinarian at some point encounters "economic euthanasia". I believe that pet insurance is the single biggest protective device AGAINST "economic euthanasia".
I had much experience with the first pet insurance company when it was still in the business of protecting pets and pet owners from "economic euthanasia". Then the company decided that the "bottom line" was more important than the "tie that binds" - - in this case the precious family-pet relationship. Suddenly the company relied on "benefit schedules" that bore absolutely no resemblance to the actual costs for various procedures. Instead, our clients were witness to a company that spent lots of time and energy denying any sort of benefit to pets and the people who love them.

Then Dr. Jack Stephens introduced Pets Best Insurance - - as he describes it, "Simply the best for pets". The claims process is exceptionally easy - - we help the client complete the claim form, we fill out the medically relevant information, attach an invoice, and then we actually fax it to Pets Best to ensure the timely filing of claims.

The rest is history-making, because once the deductible is paid, Pets Best takes care of 80% of the remainder. In claim after claim that we have seen after settlement, there it is in black and white - - 80/20... No other pet insurance - - other than Pets Best - - makes sense!

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