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rescued my shihtzu x when she was 5 1/2 and had no knowledge of her medical history.Vet convinced me to purchase insurance & was very greatful for that as medical problems started almost immediately. Petcare was great, usually had my cheque prior to receiving credit card statement which I use for payment. Have been with them for 11 years & would rate them a 10. Unfortunately in 2008 she was diagnosed with diabetes & bills were mounting up quickly & very expensive. I was then advised by Petcare that I had reached my lifetime limit for this disease & other effects caused by the diabetes. Premiums were increased dramatically but coverage for the disease ceased. I have since discovered that there are plans with "No" lifetime limit & would strongly encourage people considering insurance to go with one of these plans as (in Canada) testing & hospitalization is extremely expensive & it doesn't take long to reach a maximum if your pet is unfortunate enough to contract an ongoing disorder. In all other aspects I would rate PetCare a 10.

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