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After having had another pet insurance plan for my previous persian cat, who I adopted at the age of 6, and being very dissatified with the plan, I decided when I got my new persian kitten that I would try another plan. Pet Plan US was recommended by my veternarian and after speaking with a representative, I decided to go with Pet Plan US. I have only submitted one claim, but I would highly recommend this insurance. The plan lived up to what they told me. The customer service representatives have been only to happy to assist me when I had a question. I wish that I had known about this plan when I adopted my other cat,it would have saved me thousands of dollars over a short period of time. Unfortunately that plan only covered conditions developed during the plan year, not any from the previous year and any claims that were submitted were reimbursed at reasonable rates.I will certainly recommend Pet Plan US to my friends,family, and anyone else interested in insurance for their pet. I now feel that if anything happens to Maddie, I will have wondeful coverage and reimbursement according to where you live, not the usual coverage of reasonable rates nor pre existing conditions once the terms of your Pet Plan US have been met. Thank you Pet Plan US for being available to all who truly love there pets and want the best for them, after all they are family.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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