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I can't say enough about my experience with Pet Plan and the advisors with whom I have had contact. The information in the policy was informative but did not capture the personable treatment I received throughout my dog's 4 month ordeal from injury to surgery to rehab. I have a mixed breed (Lab/Shepherd), "Sugar," who tore her ACL. She received a "TTA" (I think that stands for tibular tuberosity advancement) from an excellent surgeon. Pet Plan helped me pay for this surgery including the consultations, xrays, blood tests etc which would not have been possible otherwise. Their reimbursements were more than fair and very quick...I believe less than 30 days every time. Sugar had some complications which were covered by this insurance every time. Other insurance I had would have stopped paying when the maximum limit was reached. Pet Plan's maximum limit was much higher which helped me out considerably. I always receive responses to my emails and telephone calls by concerned and personable staff with excellent customer service.
I would highly recommend this insurance company for your pet. Interestingly, I am paying less for this insurance than I was for my previous insurance with better coverage.

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