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We signed up for Petcare QuickCare Optimum (a plan name no longer listed but I had been told on a different occasion that all the features were grandfathered) when we first brought home our puppy (13 weeks old). Around the age of 1 year we discovered she had a congenital back problem. Last year we had multiple claims. Although, we did get reimburse for some of our claims, it was difficult to guess at how much the reimbursement would be due to their rates for usual and customary costs. I filed a claim for an annual check up (supposedly covered) plus blood work. I did not hear anything back so I called to check on whether it was being processed only to be told that there was a problem. According to the representative they wouldn't reimburse for anything that wasn't a new condition for that policy year. In other words any condition, which was ongoing could only be eligible for the first year it was claimed, after that first year anything to do with that condition was excluded from coverage. Now, that was not my understanding when I signed on. My understanding was that pre-existing conditions would be excluded and as my dog was diagnosed six months after the start of our policy there shouldn't have been any problem.
I was shocked and at first thought I was misunderstanding what was being said but no I had heard this correctly.
My only options were to:
a) Continue to donate the premiums to PetCare knowing that my only hope of any reimbursement would be if my dog developed so

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Annual checkup plus blood work
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/28/2010

Update:I did hear back from PetCare as to why there wouldn't be any reimbursement for the annual 'wellness' exam. It seems because the Vet did a thorough exam, which included musculoskeletal health assessment(musculoskeletal including, of course, the spine) that made the claim related to the spine and therefore, not eligible for any compensation. I guess, if the Vet had only examed my dog's head; eyes, ears, and mouth the claim would have been processed.
But on the bright side they did thank me for 'choosing to insure my pet with PetCare Insurance'.

Posted: 10/27/2011

Did you at least read the terms and conditions? These are all things that are explained there..