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When we got our yellow lab puppy, Cooper, last summer we wanted to get pet insurance since we had lost our previous lab to cancer. Coming from an insurancee background, we researched all the policies we could find on the internet. We we're not really interested in routine coverages; but, rather good coverage for sickness and accidents. PetPlan by far gave the best coverage. When we called with questions, they were all answered to our satisfaction.
Never did we think that in less than a year, we would be discovering how well PetPlan paid their claims. On March 23, while chasing a freesbee, Cooper ran head first into a mailbox post. He was stunned and completely limp. He was immediatedly taken to our local vet who did x-rays and suggested we transport him to FL Veterinary Specialists in Tampa. After more tests, Dr. Mark Levy, a pet neurologist, did surgery to repair a cracked vertebra. Cooper was in ICU for several days and then started some physical therapy. We were finally able to bring him hom after a week and a half. He is continuing to improve every day.

We paid our vet bills by credit card and the vets submitted the records and the bills to PetPlan. Imagine our surprise, and our delight, when we received a check from PetPlan even before those credit card bills had to be paid! We have told many of our friends about PetPlan and are encouraging them to look into this coverage.

We are certain that had we not had this coverage, Cooper would not be with us today. Now he is a happy, one year old puppy, who is on the was to a complete recovery. Thank you, PetPlan for making it possible for us to give Cooper the kind of care he needed.

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