The initial cost is worth it

Out of 10

We decided to get Embrace Pet Insurance for our Bernese Mountain Dog based on the reviews posted on their site. We were initially only going to get pet insurance for the first year; however we loved them so much we have decided to keep them for her second year (and probably for the life of our dog). We are very happy with their services.
A quick list of what they have done:
Covered what they are supposed to.
Really friendly (which I appreciate!!).
Clear email communications.
Not that fast with the actual money back, but not super slow either. Probably about normal on that front, 2 - 3 weeks.
My husband is skeptical of health insurance companies and doesn't expect much. In his words, "I am actually just shocked at how helpful they have been." (This is a HUGE compliment coming from him).

We would definitely recommend them to someone new or old to pet insurance. For the first year we got almost the top of the line plan. It was really expensive but we decided to do it. Boy am I glad we did. We've gotten at least 1,500 back from them and paid close to 1,200 up front. So we saved at least 300 by having them (and if god forbid anything bad had happened, she was covered for far more).

The regular wellness was definitely worth it, and the only reason we downgraded our plan for the second year was that we're not expecting as much to go wrong now that she's over her initial hump of vaccines and neutering.

Wonderful service. Excellent coverage. Please sign on with them

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multiple claims including spay
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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