PetSecure has saved our puppy Sasha

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Sasha is a 9 month old Wheaton Terrier and she has had quite a long and detailed health history in her short lifetime. When she was 4 months old she had surgery for ectopic uretors and at 8 months she needed to have her right kidney removed. The poor dog has been though so much and I am sure you can appreciate how costly all of these surgeries and procedures have been. Without PetSecure Insurance this puppy would probably not be alive today as there would be no way we could have afforded everything she has been through thus far. The best decision we have made was to insure her at the highest available plan with unlimited coverage. PetSecure has been fantastic the whole way through and has covered all of the costs 80% in a very timely and professional manner. They are always friendly, caring and empathetic when I have had to call them and would recommend PetSecure to everyone. We also have another Wheaton Terrier who thankfully does not have health issues we also insured him at the highest level as a puppy but after he turned one we were able to lower his coverage for one of the lesser plans with ease. You truly hope that your pet will never be ill and that you never have the need for this type of insurance but we attest that we are so grateful and thankful for PetSecure who were there when we needed them and that having the insurance in place made it possible to take all of the steps necessary to make our precious puppy Sasha better because truly without PetSecure Sasha probably would not be alive today.

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