Angel the Devil - Loves VPI

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I have to admit I think VPI lost money on Angel over the years. She is, after all, a Jack Russell Terrier! We like to say terror. She is 11 years old now and probably the one claim where they went above and beyond the call of duty was Angel and the diamond back rattler. We live in AZ. VPI have always paid for her wellness checks of course but the bill for the anti-venom was huge. She also had x-rays for throwing up for 3 days (we still don't know what that was) and there was the time she hallucinated from licking the poison toad. We could go on and on. Oh I almost forgot the head injury from getting cow kicked by a filly. Anyway, VPI gave us the peace of mind to know that our precious Angel (said in jest) was covered and would be cared for. Angel's an old girl now and yes we have to pay a little more but she's worth it and we know VPI will take care of her.

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