Cannot change billing cycle effectively

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Not sure if the person I was speaking with has no idea what they are doing or what but if you collect a payment on July 3 for the month of July and then you want another payment on July 30 and then you want another payment on August 30 you want ONE EXTRA PAYMENT. So because I find your payment date of the third hard to make you want to randomly charge me an extra 70$ for the month? No. The harassment when payment is not made on exact date through constant emails, texts whatever is exasperating.
You are a frivilous service in the eyes of a lot of people and should be happy to still be collecting money during the pandemic. You do not do direct billing which is incredibly inconvenient for the user. Probably will switch to TRUpanion as they are also highly rated, do direct claim billing at the vets and your services are rip off and borderline harassment.

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