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After my last dog lived to be just over 18 years old (without insurance) I realized the importance of insurance coverage for pets. You'd never want to have to be forced to make a medical decision for your beloved pet based on financial ability, nor go into crazy credit card debt.
So when we adopted Melrose, a 3 month old pit-lab mix, I knew that getting her coverage would be a must. I researched pet insurance for almost three months since I'd only heard horror stories of how much pet insurance was a rip off. I even did break-even analysis of different plans and coverage amounts(Yes, I'm a nerd). Thanks to this website and other research I made my final decision to purchase a PetPlan policy for Melrose. Within a couple months of enrolling her, she came down with a very serious urinary tract infections that required a few vet visits, several prescription medications, two urinary tests, blood tests and an X-ray. I submitted the claim, and after my vet finally faxed over her records, was promptly reimbursed the expected amount. It turned a nearly $650 illness into less than $200 out of pocket.

I now have peace of mind that I will never be charging thousands of dollars on a credit card to cover a medical emergency or illness. I'm also very thankful for PetPlan coming through as promised. I can't recommend them enough!

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