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This is a qualified recommendation. I signed up my 2 cats with Petplan in 1998, after having 2 young cats die, leaving me with thousands of dollars in vet bills. The premium increases were pretty reasonable. I paid about $10 a month per cat at first, and it has increased over the years to about $24.00 a month, for cats now over 10 years old. I paid premiums for 9 years without any claims, but in January 2007, my older cat was diagnosed with renal failure, and the bills were steep. Other than charging a co-pay on the deductible amount (which meant I paid the first $300 instead of my $250 deductible amount), I was reimbursed very quickly. I was also impressed that they covered prescription food; only $75, but it's better than most insurers. They also paid $300 for alternate therapy (reiki). My cat died at the beginning of November, and they were very compassionate when I called to tell them to cancel her policy. The customer service people were wonderful. One rep checked daily to make sure my final claim was received and handled quickly, because I had trouble sending it in for the first couple of months. All claims had to be made within 90 days of cancellation of the policy, and I couldn't bring myself to go to the emergency clinic where my cat was euthanized to get the reports completed. The Rep called the clinic directly and had them fax the documents to her. They paid that claim without my even signing the claim form. The rep called me every day and left messages of my claim's status. The one major negative was receiving a letter ONE MONTH after my cat died, telling me that my cat was in the top 8% of claims and they were increasing my co-pay from 20% to 50%. Even if I forgive them for the extreme insensitivity of sending this to a grieving customer, I cannot stomach that their advertising, including their website and the yearly renewal letter, brags about how much money they paid out, and gives details of the top payouts. They don't mention that they turned around and slashed the percentage they pay to those customers. I am now looking for coverage for 2 new kittens, and I am not sure I will stick with Petplan or not. I guess if you know all the conditions before you sign up, and they are acceptable to you, I would recommend them for speed and caring customer service reps.

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