never get VPI through payroll deduction

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I have been paying $132 a month to cover my 2 dogs. When I canceled my 2 policies becaus ethey are far from cost effective VPI told me they would tell my company to stop payroll deductions but not until 60-90 days have passed (after I'm getting no coverage!). This is another $264-396 in payments for absolutely nothing. When asked why it's fair to pay for a canceled policy just because they refuse the advise my company that I cancelled my policies all the VPI phone rep does is repeat over and over again. This is what they do whenever there is a problem - like when I had the nerve to actually thry to get reimbursed for my dog's cancer surgery it took 4 months and was very stressful since they of course didi all possible to deny the claim. Folks you are better off opening a savings account with the money you'd spend on monthly premiums with VPI.

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