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I researched a lot of pet insurances before deciding on Pets Best, mostly based on reviews here and the impression I got from talking to their rep over the phone. The reason for getting insurance in the first place was that one of our 3 cats had a life-threatening urinary blockage and, after treatment at the local emergency clinic and subsequent surgery, we were out of $3,500. So after that experience, we insured all cats with Pets Best. The cat with the urinary blockage was - as is customary - excluded for that particular illness but that was it. We also took out their Wellness Plan which pays portions of routine vaccinations, dental care, etc.
A few months into it, another one of our cats was diagnosed with a suspected heart murmur. Quite a few diagnostic exams followed, including a visit to a specialist, until the initial diagnosis was confirmed. We paid altogether around $800 for these. I started submitting these bills to the insurance and just kept my fingers crossed, since I had not submitted any claims to them prior to that. I was pleasantly surprised when Pets Best paid for every one of these diagnostics, and we received our checks in a very timely manner, the longest took about 3.5 weeks. Around the same time we had the 2 other cats at the vet for their routine exams and vaccinations. Again, Pets best paid exactly what they said in the policy they would. The whole process was easy as can be (just scanned the paperwork and emailed it to them), and completely painless. There was no dragging it out or anything like that. As of now, we are very happy with Pets Best and just hope that they stay like that. Can highly recommend!

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