Pets Best was there for me and my Doberman when he needed emergency surgery to save his life.

Out of 10

My Doberman went into Torsion (AKA Bloat) at 6 PM, right after our regular Vet closed so we rushed him to the closest emergency Clinic where they performed emergency surgery to untwist his stomach and save his life. I knew Pets Best had my back so I didn't even consider the expense but instead could focus on saving my beloved dog's life. He is alive and back home recovering thanks to quick action on my and the emergency Clinic's part. Pets Best was there for us all the way. The Claim process was simple and swiftly completed. I had signed up for Direct Deposit and the Claim was processed and settled surprisingly quickly and very fairly. My experience was so positive I have already recommended Pets Best to several friends. I highly recommend them!

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