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My dog developed bronchitis which turned into pneumonia over Memorial Day weekend. She needed to be hospitalized and ran up a large bill. Pet Plan processed my claim within 10 days and paid just about 80% as my policy stated. Pet Plan's idea of "reasonable and customary" matched the cost of pet care in my area, unlike many other insurers. Definitely a great insurer and I'll renew my policy

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Posted: 01/25/2009

Clearly reads like an advertisement. How does this individual know what "many other insurers" ideas of "reasonable and customary" charges are?

Posted: 01/01/2010

Jim,Do you suppose it might be possible this person may have done some research on what other company policy plans might apply? I don't know either. However, I would be willing to think that might be possible.

I certainly don't work for any insurance company.
I am just doing a little research on my own as I have a new member in the pack who has NO insurance at this time.