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I'm giving VPI a Ten, but I haven't had any other insurance. Yes, I did look at all the other insurances and their costs versus payment schedule. I found VPI to be a value in comparison to the other companies. I'm satisfied because I'm far in the black with VPI. I've insured three dogs for over twenty "dog years" (LOL, not 1/7 but three dogs totaling more than 20 human years) My first dog insured with them suffered Blastomycosis and it was very expensive in 2002. My total vet bill was over $4100 and VPI paid about $3100 of that, over the course of 6 or 7 months. Not to be out done. My second dog was diagnosed with Addisons. It made the blasto bills look cheap. I don't know, and don't want to know how much it's cost to keep my Addisonian dog on an even keel. That was over 5 year ago, we still have to give her monthly shots that cost over $75 for the drug. VPI still pays their part. Knock on wood, my third dog insured with them hasn't had a claim, besides their "wellness" coverage that pays part of their routine shots and such. I'd recommend this company. Do your research and look at the cost benefit of the policy price versus what they'll pay in the long run. I've examined other pet insurance providers and for the price, VPI has them beat. I'm sure I could get "more" insurance, by paying for it. But I'm not about to part ways with a company that's treated me so fairly and in the long run, at their expense. My total premium's paid is much less than what they've send me in benefits. Honestly, VPI pays better and faster than my own personal health insurance does.

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