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From the day we applied for insurance, it took them 3 weeks and 3 different "notices" to us asking for more medical records regarding our dog. Even after we had sent them all the info we had and our vet had sent them everything they needed, they were asking the same question over and over delaying the whole approval process. When we finally asked what EXACTLY were they looking for, they seemed to make a minor issue into a major issue (our dog has a small lump on her mammary glands which hasn't affected her at all and the vet does not seem concerned by it). They had asked our vet to remove the lump even though our dog has not shown any indications of issues and to let them know the outcome. THey would not insure us otherwise. We quickly revoked our application and switched to Pets Best Insurance which took all of 2 hrs to approve us and has much better plans!

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Posted: 06/30/2009

I've had VPI since 2005, and this seems to be happening to us more frequently in the last 6 or 7 months. They are taking significantly longer to prcess claims (up to a month, compared to 10-14 days they used to take). Also, after all that waiting, they either: (1) ask for additinal documentations from the vet multiple times for innocuous things that are clearly covered; and (2) deny claims for services that are clearly covered, perhaps to buy time or in hopes that we'd go away...
My dog's policy is up for renewal, and they should really be careful about going stingy if they want to keep our business...