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I have had VPI insurance for three pets for ten years. Yes, ten years, paying avg 15-25 a month. I believe, in the beginning, it was worth it, because they paid for the diagnosis fees for my, at that time, 8 mo old border collie/shepherd's hip dysplasia. They also paid for a concussion vet fees (in part) when another dog rcd a concussion from a fall. I, along the years, added the presciption pgm, only to cancel it a year later, as their reimbursement for (what it is intended for) annual shots, heartgard, etc does not even come close to paying for the monthly fees to add it total up to After 9 years of no claims and paying for 9 years, my purebred shepherd (7 months at the time) started having bizarre lethargy and seizures. She was finally diagnosed, last month, as having a POSSIBLE liver shunt, but they could not be certain, it could be a (as she was the runt) small liver. I submitted one claim for the office visit and blood work, only for them to deny it on that it MAY (not diagnosed) be a liver / portosystemic shunt. It cannot be diagnosed for either without an ultrasound. So, nowadays, they have added all kinds of bizarre what we do not cover, including those they ASSUME may be what they choose not to cover and pay no compensation even to find out what it may be. After a decade, I cannot believe, I have been paying them, an average $4-6k a year in policy fees, for no claim assistance for what would be a basic diagnosis I agree with a previous email- put the money in the bank, let it gather interest, and that MORE than would pay for any of your pet's needs. I am disappointed that what started out (and I thought still was) a legitimate outfit, is now but a simple scam outfit. Warning to potential considering petowners. Disgraceful.

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Posted: 11/28/2008

Thank-you so much for your info. on VPI. I have spent three days off and on now trying to decide which pet health care company to go with. Your review was very helpfull in makeing my mind up for me. I also have to agree with that previous e-mail regarding putting the money in the bank drawing interest. thank's again. I was getting real burnt out trying to figure out which way to go.