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I have had VPI insurance for 8 years now and am so satisfied and grateful. The insurance is definately handy throughout the year, but can remember two instances where having insurance was a blessing. I owned a boxer named Chloe. She suddenly became very ill on a Monday. We rushed her to the 24hr vet and then the following day to our own vet. After many tests it was discovered that Chloe had the fastest growing case of lymphnoma my vet has ever seen. We contacted VPI and discovered that if we chose to go with chemo we would be covered for the first 2,500.00 or 12 sessions. However, Chloe's cancer grew to fast and she was put down one week later. Her vet bills were close to 2,800.00 that week. One month later I recieved a check for about 1,700.00 from VPI. I had another mishap just last year with my pug Howie. He first needed teeth pulled. About one week later he was violently throwing up. He had a blockage in his intestines and needed emergency surgery to remove the piece of toy he injested. After he returned home things seemed to be normal for a few days, but Howie collapsed and went into cardiatric shock. He was barely breathing and gone limp when we rushed him to the 24hr vet. They put Howie in an oxygen tank for the next 14hrs until he could breath on his own. The vets did ultrasounds on his kidneys, stomach, liver, heart and bladder. It was a trying time, but comforting knowing that I had insurance and portion of the cost of these several procedures would be reimbursed back to me. I spent 4,500.00 on Howie over that 2 week period. One month later I recieved a check for 2,700.00. Although I still had a large expense to pay for Howie, every penny was worth it. Howie is still alive today and doing wonderful. I am grateful to Vetinary Pet Insurance. Not only does the comfort of knowing that some of the expense will be paid for, it is also comforting to know that I can really give my dogs the best care possible.

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