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Our less than 1 year old Leonberger puppy, Fargo, was a carefree, happy guy with a very laid back personality. That is until we observed that he avoided steps when possible and that playing fetch only lasted for very brief spurts before he laid down. Being a large breed dog Fargo grew fast and my husband and I started to notice that his right hind leg tended to drag behind him. Long story somewhat shorter, Fargo needed total hip replacement surgery. The surgery was 100% success and now began what I thought would be the most anxious time - submission of our claim. I was pleasant surprised when only a few days after I faxed the claim that I received an email from the claim reviewer advising that my claim was being review and in process. Even more surprising was the offer of sympathy that my pet had not been well. PetPlan, our insurance carrier, reviewed the claim - called when they said, provided excellent follow up and approved the claim. The only hiccup, was that one of the Vets they needed to engage dialogue with was on maternity leave and that delayed the approval process, but nothing terrible. The service from our claims reviewer, Pat straight through their Staff Vet, Dr. Jules Benson was top rate. More important to my husband and I though, is that our boy dog is so much happier. He plays longer, doesn't shy away from stairs and geniunely seems like he is in a happier place. So this was well worth the investment - pet insurance through PetPlan was one of the best decisions we've made.

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