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I had VPI for my dog for 14 years. Due to two different surgeries over a year's period, vet bills were approximately $10,000. VPI paid only $2,700 of that. My dog passed away at the end of July. I called VPI soon after. While the representative was compassionate and talked about crossing the "Rainbow Bridge", she failed to cancel his policy and on August 11th charged my VISA account for another monthly premium. I called and another representative, equally compassionate, said oh, we can't cancel without proof from your vet that your dog was euthanized. I said well, what if I just called up and said cancel it. She said they would be unable to do that either without something in writing. I sent the vet's last statement for euthanasia along with some statements for medications for the couple of months before his passing and a letter saying it was hard enough to tell you about my dog's death the first time, then a second time, and this letter will be the third, just because you can charge my VISA account doesn't mean you should. After over a month, my VISA account has been credited for the erroneous deduction, and I received a very small check saying thank you for insuring your pet with us, ENCLOSED IS A CLAIM FORM FOR YOUR PET'S FUTURE VET CARE. That statement summed it up for me. Fourteen years with that company and that's what they have to say in response to my letter. I can't believe they're that heartless, maybe they're just plain stupid. I agree with the posting re payroll deduction, don't ever let them do that or pay with a credit card. This is my only experience with pet insurance, but VPI has got to be the worst there is.

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Posted: 09/19/2008

I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted to thank the people who take the time to prevent people like myself from wasting any time or money here. Both are far to valuable and hard to come by.