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When my 13 year old Doxie had to go the the emergency vet it cost me almost $800.00. I was glad they helped me but they wanted all their money right away. Unfortunately he passed away and I now have a new puppy 2 months old miniature Doxie Duke. I have sent in 3 claims and all are being processed as we speak. It was well worth the price because it pays for his medications and shorts and as a Registered Nurse I can tell you pet medication and doctor visits are as expeensive as humans. One day I accidently dropped a pill that would have been lethal to him in 1 hour. I rushed him to the vet within 20 minutes and they kept him for about 3 hours to induce vomiting and keep a close eye on him. The pill he passed was not even totally dissolved and I brought him home. They said he would probably be a little sleepy for the rest of the day but he never missed a beat. The only things not covered so far for him were his vitamins and special shampoo but getting back 80% of everything else was well worth the cost of the insurance and I already have the $100.00 deductible in. This would have been wounderful with the $800.00 bill but unfortunately I had no coverage then. I would not be without it for future regular visits and I hope there are no more emergencies but with a puppy you never know. I only know he has the best of care and I get money back. He and all other animals deserve it. They are sweet innocents that depend on us to take care of them just like children and I am glad for the opportunity to provide this coverage for my Doxie. The cost of the monthly premium would have been well worth it for the 13 years I had my other Doxie but did not know about the insurance. I would recommend it to anyone with a pet. They deserve good care and depend on you to provide it and with the insurance it is much easier.

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