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I think most of these "happy" customers have to be employees of VPI - Ive had such bad luck with them that I cancelled all 3 of my dogs on this insurance. I even filed a claim with the CA Dept of Insurance and they still stuck fast to their claim denial even when my vet wrote a letter explaining the situation. No go. Do NOT go with this company. These "happy" customers will eventually come upon a roadblock with them and they will be writing these bad reviews.

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Posted: 02/06/2009

I resent the fact that you think all Good reviews of VPI are from their Employees!!! I have had the insurance for over 12 years and they have saved my dogs life and given me peace of mind. I work in the medical industry, and if you were informed or educated on how the insurance 'system' works, which you apparently are not...you would know it is YOUR responsibility to READ the coverage and understand the plan and its potential exceptions AHEAD of time. You have no right to complain when it is your fault for not knowing what you got yourself into and keeping yourself ignorant. Go ahead and try to find better insurance for your pet...then let's hear what you have to say!!!

Posted: 08/04/2009

You resent the fact that all good reviews of VPI are from their employees? I bet you are one of their employees. I brought my cat into the vet because he was limping. The vet took X-RAYS and diagnosed the ball of his hip had a huge crack in it. The operation by itself was $1200 and the medication and office visits brought the cost to $1500. I have been getting NOTHING but the run around with these people. I just faxed them 19 pages of ALL my cats records directly from the vet. Diagnosis, notes, labs, everything. I received a letter saying they don't have enough information!!! Now they want my vet to fax all of his records from 7/1/2009 to 7/29/2009, (which is exactly what I had already done). I don't have a fax machine either and this is very inconvienient. How many God Damn times are they going to ask for the same records only to deny my claim. I have their Superior plan for my two cats with a 50 dollar deductable. I pay about $350 for each cat for the whole year. What a rip off! I can see I am never going to get paid and when I do it will be a pitence. They use outdated (8 years old) "reasonable and customary fees" which right there a nothing but a scam. They saved your dog's life...wah, wah, wah, I don't believe you or anyone who gives this piece of crap a 10 is either an employee or a complete moron. I will be going with PetPlan USA at renewal time. You say "read the policy" I did and spoke with customer service. They totally misrepresented themselves.