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The rate increase is 30% over previous rates. Not! August 25, 2008 Policy Number VIXXXXX Customer 604-XXXX Vancouver, British Columbia Dear Milo, Over the past nine years, Vetinsurance has stood behind its simple, fair and affordable pet health insurance. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure we continue to offer you the best possible coverage, we are pleased to provide you with an enhanced policy which allows us to cover more claims and takes into consideration the changes in veterinary medical procedures and the cost of living. These changes will be effective October 1, 2008 . New to claim handling, we will be covering all of your veterinarian's hospital boarding fees. For the life of your pet, you have $20,000 for diagnostic tests, medications and surgeries including coverage for hereditary or congenital conditions as long as no clinical symptoms were present pre-policy. We continue to pay 90% of your veterinary medical costs without caps or restrictive fee guides. On a go forward basis, your premiums will become more specific to the veterinary costs associated with your pet's breed and your local geographic area. As in the past, we will not increase your pet's premium due to aging or claims history. We do not penalize responsible pet owners for having unlucky pets. Mojo's new monthly premium will be $48.00 For those who are wanting to reduce their monthly premium, Vetinsurance is introducing a per condition deductible option. Here is how a deductible will reduce your monthly premium: A $100 deductible will reduce your monthly premium to $42.00 A $250 deductible will reduce your monthly premium to $36.00 A $500 deductible will reduce your monthly premium to $29.00 A $1000 deductible will reduce your monthly premium to $16.00 Enclosed is an updated copy of your policy wording that details your coverage. To add the deductible option to your policy, simply indicate which deductible amount you want added and reply to this email. If added, your deductible will be effective on the following month when the premium is due. Our passion is to ensure that your veterinarian is able to provide the best care for Henry. Sincerely, Darryl Rawlings CEO Vetinsurance.com 1-800-930-1019 Encl.

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Posted: 09/13/2008

My premiums decreased by 9%!!! So obviously I'm happy. Could be because I live in a rural area and have a mixed breed.

Posted: 09/20/2008

i will cancel it

Posted: 10/02/2008

My premiums increased by 27%. My dog is only 8 months old and we have never made a claim. I'll be looking at the other insurers again

Posted: 08/21/2009

In 2008, Trupanion/Vetinsurance made a structural shift in the way we determine monthly premiums in order to allow every pet owner to receive the best value for their specific pet. After 8 years of being in business, we found that some breeds and locations were subsidizing others. Therefore, we created a more even playing field by accounting for the local cost of veterinary medicine, which brought some decreases in premiums and some larger than normal increases (depending on the historical data of breed and location). Before this time, every pet had the same monthly premium based on the age at which they enrolled. Now, premiums are determined by the local costs of veterinary medicine, the breed of your pet, and its age at the time of enrollment. We recently improved Trupanion/Vetinsurance coverage to include $20,000 of lifetime coverage to be used at any time, with no per-incident or annual caps. Trupanion/Vetinsurance also now offers pet owners the option to customize their pet insurance policy by providing ability to choose a deductible and premium that matches their budget. Trupanion/Vetinsurance aims to be innovative and flexible with one policy to fit your own personal and financial needs. Trupanion/Vetinsurance is currently the only company in the industry that offers a $0 deductible.

Posted: 01/22/2010

We are definitely cancelling. Our rates increased 3 times in 5 years. They started at the same rate. As soon as we made a claim on one dog, his rate tripled. Very misleading in their claims.