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After losing my last dog very suddenly to cancer and his last day at the vet cost over $1200. just for diagnosis, and discussing treatment options that we did not do, because his cancer was too far along. I decided to look into pet insurance for my next dog, because I had not thought of being in that position before. The position of being in the emergency vetrinary hospital and overwhelmed with emotion for your beloved animal and then thinking of how in the world are you going to pay for this, and knowing that you would do anything for them because you love them so much.Embrace Pet Insurance has been excellent with my new puppy. I am grateful that I chose this company, and I recommend it to anyone who loves their pet. I tell everyone that I have it, you never know what animals will get into and when they do - you will be glad you have Embrace Pet Insurance!

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Posted: 09/20/2008

Oh Please... could it be any more obvious this is a fake "review?" It is not telling a customers experience, it's calling out and trying to scare "you" into buying the plan. Moderators should remove this bogus ad.