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After having my 2 cats insured by VPI for just over 2 years, I'm on this site searching for a better alternative. As long as your pet is relatively healthy and your vet charges prices on the lower end of the scale VPI is a fine insurance, however, if you think of your pet as your child and want it to have top health care or if you have an illness-prone pet, then don't expect to recover much of your money. The usual and customary fees chart is way out of date and read the exceptions and exclusions page carefully...tests and procedures that are standard practice such as fecal floats when a cat has been suffering ongoing constipation or rectal bleeding or blood tests before a cat is put under anesthesia for a dental cleaning to determine if the cat may have a condition that would make anesthesia and unacceptable risk are NOT covered. Huh? They would rather pay for an xray of the intestines or for emergency procedures if a cat gets into trouble under anesthesia then pay for simpler preventative tests??? Also-be aware that less toxic holistic medicines that are proven substitutes for riskier medications are not covered by VPI. Many vets are now turning to these treatments because studies show some of them to be equally beneficial as traditional medicines and to have fewer side effects, unfortunately, VPI hasn't quite caught up. For routine care VPI is a good option, for more I'd look elsewhere. Finally, dealing with their claims department is a nightmare. This last time it took me 14 months to get my claim reimbursed...and that was with a very helpful vet and staff vouching for me!!!

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