Preventative and Elective Treatments?

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I've been a policy holder for this company for over a year and was impressed with what they claim is covered. However, that is not necessarily the case as I have found out. During my cat's annual examination, my vet advised for tests re kidney function/failure, given my cat's advanced age. Tests were conducted and claim submitted. claim was denied citing "preventative/elective treatment" reason, even though in my policy stated that illnesses of the endocrine system were covered. Here's the catch . . .once an illness has been diagnosed, you probably can claim for treatment of illness, but any tests conducted to diagnose said illness will not be covered, this company says they are "preventative or elective treaments".
I have since decided to ensure my pets are never denied coverage for any medical event, test, illness or emergency treatment. I'm now setting aside the premimum amount I was paying to this company plus a little extra monthly to a savings account. :) I would recommend this option to anyone with pets - you'll never have to wonder if something is covered or not.

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