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When we had our first dog we paid out about $5,000.00 in claimsat the end of her life. Because of this we took out pet insurance on our second dog through VPI. in the first few years, their payment of claims was acceptable. In fact, I recommended them to some friends and acquaintances. However, in recent years, their payments do not reflect actual cost of the claims. Further, they do not want to pay out any claims at all. i received a letter informing me that, if i continued to submit claims, my premium would go up and I have the "Best" plan according to their schedule. I informed them that I did not aim to contribute to their cash flow and that I wanted my pet to get the treatment that she needed. They have a deductible and then only pay a portion of the amount charged. My husband used to work for a Life insurance Company who also insured health plans for people and he recommended not buying any insurance in the future. According to him we should just put the money for the premiums in an interest earning account and use the oney when needed. If you get pet insurance, use another firm. I am keeping the insurance with VPI because of the age of our dog but will never use them again. I really do not have anything for them to investigate since they are paying according to their schedule which must have originated shortly after the 1950's.

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