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I've had multiple claims denied for my dog (and was a customer for years). For some reason or another, they will say that whatever it is I'm claiming, that it is a "result" of some other pre-existing codition that I did not even put a claim in for (nor is it related). They put in multiple requests for medical records years back so they could do everything in their power to find some other illness to "link" the new problem to. For example, my dog was putting on extra weight(and had other issues), so the vet had thyroid tests (bloodwork) done to rule out an abnormal thyroid. I was told the claim was denied because the blood test came back "negative" and that the claim was a related issue of skin allergies...huh?? Simply because I happened to have my dog in that day for a visit for her allergies (that I do not claim). They couldnt even pay for that portion of the visit, her bloodwork to check her thyroid, which was something totally unrelated to her skin allergies. Im sure if my dog breaks a leg or something that too will be related to allergies...Only thing I can say is that customer service is quite pleasant to speak with as they are spewing out excuses of why they won't pay....
I work in healthcare and constantly have to fight with Aetna to pay for services for my patients, I guess why would their pet insurance be any different? Sad.

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Under $100

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1 - 8

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Posted: 04/19/2011

Hi there, thanks for your comments. There isn’t enough information here to discuss your specific case or contact you, but it sounds as though your dog may have developed Atopy before you purchased a pet insurance plan from us. Atopy is an immune system disorder that causes a dog’s body to overreact to allergens, and symptoms can include recurrent ear infections, skin infections and hair loss. Because pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by pet insurance, any condition or illness that is determined to be caused by the pre-existing condition won’t be covered. If you would like us to re-evaluate your claim, please contact our Customer Care team for more information on our appeal process.
Pets Best Insurance doesn’t require exams or medical records prior to enrollment like some companies do. At enrollment, we ask customers to tell us about known symptoms or illness their pets may have had or currently have, and we only request medical records on occasion when new claims are filed.