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There is no way I could take care of Frankie if it wasn't for Nationwide Insurance. Frankie suffers from allergies and his skin was getting worse. I really believed he was allergic to grass since he loves being outside. But when the vet suggested we do allergy tests on him I almost chocked. Allergy testing on a dog? COME ON! This is getting ridiculous. But he was getting worse and I thought, why not? If Nationwide covers this, I would only have to pay 10%. So I took a chance and they covered it! And I was so happy I did. Frankie is NOT allergic to grass. He is allergic to chicken which he gets ALL THE TIME in his food and cookies. And grain! which I give him rice every day. But there are also mites (three kind) and - are you ready for this? - CORN POLLEN! Corn Pollen! How in the world can you get allergic to corn pollen? But he is. Got to make sure I don't take him anywhere near the corn belt. And there are other things, but these are the worse. So Nationwide I thank you because there was no way I could have afforded paying full price (especially now with Covid) for this test. And also you guys paying 90% for heartworm and flea and tic medications really help. I love Nationwide.

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