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A routine visit to the groomers ended up with Louie being rushed to the emergency vet next door. When the groomer tried to put him in the bath, he screamed in pain. We found out Louie had medial patellar luxation in both back knees which had also caused him to have a torn ACL in his left knee. It was very traumatic for both Louie and our family. We did not expect him to need surgery so young as he was only two years old and it came as a complete shock. When we went to the surgeon, he recommended operating on both knees at the same time as it takes about two months to fully recover. Louie is now back to full health and is running around again. It really meant a lot to us that PetPlan covered almost $4,000 in related costs even though Louie's medial patellar luxation was a congenital condition. We unconditionally recommend PetPlan to all our friends and new dog owners.

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Medial patellar luxation in both hind legs plus a torn ACL
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